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Proc. of the DEO, Wgl regarding School Annual Grants utilisation for the year 2011-12.

Proc of the District Educational Officer, Warangal
 & Ex-Officio DPC, RMSA Warangal.

RC No.55/RMSA/2012                                                                    Dt:14-03-2012

Communicated to all the Head Masters of the secondary schools in the District.  They are requested to follow the guidelines on utilization of school grants as per above Proceeding  Rc.No. 714/RMSA/2010 Dated:05.03.2012 of COMMISSIONER  & DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL EDUCATION AND EX-OFFCIO PROJECT DIRECTOR, RMSA, A .P, HYDERABAD.

Sd/- Y.Chandra Mohan
    District Educational Officer & EX-Officio DPO,
RMSA, Warangal

All the Head Masters of secondary schools in the District,
Copy to the Mandal Educational Officers in the District,
Copy to the DyEOs In the District,
Copy submitted to the C&DSE and Ex Officio Project Director, RMSA A.P. Hyderabad for  favour  of information.

Dy Educational Officer,

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